Welcome to the June Newsletter!

The Christian Millionaire Book Club (CMBC) is a book club with a difference!!

Gone are the days when a book club is solely for the purpose of reading books and reviewing it. CMBC has taken book reading to another level.

COVID-19 is an unprecedented time that we may never experience again in our lifetime. We are seeing history in the making. Regardless, we at the book club are adopting to support our members with the new normal.

Our vision is to support:

  1. Entrepreneurs on their journey from a conception of a business idea to fully running their business
  2. An entrepreneur feeling stuck and wants some clarity and support around navigating the challenges.

We will support you through a 90 Day Challenge with weekly zoom call meetings until the fruition of your business.

Other services we offer at the book club are coaching, mentoring and workshops. At the book club we believe in adding value to our members in a conducive environment that will enhance their personal and professional growth. The book club members have a growth mindset and they demonstrate positivity, optimism, are driven, committed and accountable.

So, what are you waiting for? Come on and let us support you achieve your 2020 goals!

To Your Success!

Linda Muyobo

Linda Muyobo


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