Speakers for May 2020

South East London Branch, 5 May

Michael Holmes

Mike Holmes is the founder of Titherhacker.org and also the author of The Success Habits of Christian Millionaires.

Before Mike learned the “secrets” of biblical increase he was broke, discouraged, and in debt. Seeking an answer he found it in a “tithing experiment” and his life was never the same! He quickly went from broke to a six figure earner.

Central London Branch, 14 May

Morenike Ajayi

Morenike Ajayi is a multi award winner, an author, inspirational speaker, an executive producer and TV broadcaster. In addition, she works full time as an accountant (Finance Director) within the financial services. Her passion is helping people within the BAME community to advance in their chosen careers. She is the founder of Career Nuggets (including Career Nuggets TV – www.careernuggets.tv ) where she shares useful tips on career development and progression.

Morenike has sat on various boards, including the National Union of Students (NUS).

Morenike is a recipient of numerous awards in recognition for her work in the BAME community.

Croydon Branch, 18 May

Toni McLelland

Toni McLelland MSc has a rich background and experience in Criminal Justice, Youth Justice, Care and Education, having held strategic leadership roles in Central Government since 1996 and 18 years with Ministry of Justice.

Having worked across care and education settings as well as services for vulnerable groups there isn’t very much that she hasn’t seen in relation to business development strategy and policy over 30 years.

Starting off operationally then working strategically in her roles managing multi million pound budgets.

She has a deep interest in leadership and understanding behaviour and learning as well as how environmental factors have an impact on development.

Whilst the majority of her work lies in the public sector. She has also managed multi million pound strategic feasibility projects. She also worked on service reviews transformation, projects and crisis management. She has a large portfolio of successful private sector clients as well as governance and boards in the charity sector that she supports. Work has included the London Mayor and MOPAC feasibility projects.

Toni also devotes time to assisting those emerging as ‘Leaders for Business’ across sectors. She builds sustainable business models to grow turnover and profit margins. She has seen first-hand what can happen years down the line if the plan or strategy is not right from the outset.

She understands the relational aspect of business. Toni is passionate about netball and family. She believes that success follow happiness.

Harrow Branch, 19 May

Bebe Clement

Bebe Clement is a first class, international speaker and trainer, with amazing ‘presence’.

She is also the author of Amazon’s ‘How to go from employee to entrepreneur’, which has sold over 5,000 copies.

A mature & well-seasoned Christian, involved in church leadership for nearly 30 years, she has served in different parts of the body of Christ in various capacities and is currently Head of Women at her local church, Divine Life Assembly, Woolwich.

She is in high demand as a preacher & teacher of the word, particularly in the area of leadership as well as business and entrepreneurship, where God is using her mightily to educate and financially empower the body of Christ, with a strong emphasis on integrity. Through this, she is helping the people of God discover & use their God given gifts to create wealth & to influence their corner of the world for Christ.

Bebe is married with 2 sons & runs a group of small businesses.

She has a BA in English as well as an LLB in Law.

Visit www.bebeclement.com for more information on Bebe Clement

Online Branch, 22 May

Aaron T Aaron

Aaron T Aaron is a global John Maxwell Certified Coach, Trainer, Teacher, Speaker and founder of the Empowerment Mentoring school. He is a successful entrepreneur who uses practical applications of proven methods, and his experience to help and equip aspiring business owners, with the personal skills they need for professional growth.

Aaron has a vast level of experience delivering workshops, seminars, keynote speaking, and personal one to one coaching. He has helped produce many stories of success through coaching individuals and families, including young children. This has helped him prove that success and achievement is all about the mindset.

Aaron is also a singer, songwriter and gospel artist who has released two albums and leads worship across the nations and tours regularly.

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