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The cost of annual membership can be paid via monthly installments.

Benefits Membership Type
Knowledge and exposure from top speakers who are experts in their field Acceleration 12 x months Standard 12 x months
Opportunity to participate in the 90 days challenge with support from fellow Club-members X X
Guaranteed monthly Millionaire Book Club seats X X
100% off Training Workshops X X
Opportunity to attend all Book Club branches X X
Millionaire Starter Pack X X
Millionaire Business Networking Social X X
Member of standard WhatsApp Group X X
Member of VIP WhatsApp Group X X
Weekly financial tips X X
Access to Business start-up loan X X
Coaching and mentoring from qualified coaches to guide you to discover your purpose and reach your business and personal goals.

You will receive two on-to-one coaching sessions per month:

  • Purpose coaching
  • Teach you saving techniques
  • Teach you investing techniques
  • Business strategy development
Cost Annual: £2,400 Monthly: £200 Annual: £299 Monthly: £24.91
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Olawale Esan Entrepreneur

“The Bookclub was God sent. I joined at a time when I needed to take my business to the next level. The help and support I got from members was invaluable. Everyone helps out and all have the same goal, to see each other succeed and excel in their chosen fields. Joining the book club was the best decision I made this decade!”

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Elizabeth Opaleye, Specialist SpLD/Dyslexia Tutor, Trainer and Assessor

“The christian millionaire book club has truly inspired me to propel myself to become a millionaire through the valuable knowledge and experience of multimillionaires. In addition, I am able to meet up and network with like minded members of the club and share my ideas, views and values.

The 90 day challenge has enabled me to be accountable to my actions and completing them to achieving a goal/goals for my business.

I received a great wealth of invaluable  help and support from the club members during the journey of my challenge. It was a great eye opener and pushed me to be more effective in taking action.”

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Chilel Sanyang

Do not be deceived by the title!! Christian Millionaire bookclub is more than just a bookclub!!

The Bible says we are to study to show ourselves approved… I believe we are only given what we can manage.

So I thought I had struck gold when I finally found a bookclub that reads and endorses books on wealth creation and spiritual growth all wrapped in under biblical principles.

The very first meeting I went to was an incredible experience, I left full we worship, we prayed, we discussed the word and then we also heard from an inspirational and pioneering speaker who showed us their keys to replicating success in business and finance. Since that meeting CMBC has become the highlight of my month, there is so much value crammed into the short three hour meetings

The CMBC provides a very unique experience in that it blesses your spirit and feeds your mind with a bigger vision. God gives the ability to create wealth so it has been refreshing to understand the very principles of that at the CMBC.

I have found the CMBC members to be a very friendly and supportive group, lots of whom have become my friends and accountability partners. I love the fact that even if I cannot make it to a physical location I can connect to the online branch.

It would not be too grand to say CMBC is where your God-given purpose comes to fruition. Where your ideas are nurtured, blessed and birthed. There are opportunities to launch businesses or grow existing ones all for the Glory of God. I highly recommend The Christian Millionaire Book

Vineta Kravale, Director, Brainarchitect

I joined the amazing CMBC in 2018 and it is very empowering club as you get to read, learn different things, meet and learn from powerful speakers. But the best thing of the club is the 90 day challenge which I also took the part in. Through this I found the new direction I should go as the night after pitching for my 90 day challenge I had a clear image/photo which I made into a real picture and from that I realized many things and a new direction. The help from members is amazing and the best is accountability which pushes you to do things, expand your vision and territory.

CMBC is not just a networking club, but a place where your dreams will become a reality. Your vision and knowledge will expand.

Sade Popoola, Director Wigs Concierge:The Wig Restoring Specialist

“My first day at CMBC was a very exciting day. I did not know what to expect.  I have been to other christian networking groups and felt it was more take than give and no real testimonials in the lives of the people that join. But at the CMBC the testimonials are there to see on a weekly basis and they are mind blowing; so if you are looking for a real networking club to help you grow, you definitely need to look into CMBC”.

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JUMEE, Singer / Dancer / Entrepreneur

“The Millionnaire has changed my life, in terms of the way I interact with money and in my spiritual walk. I never had any savings before I started the Club, but now my savings account is POPPIN’!

It’s been a blessing to be surrounded by like minded individuals in business and faith, and the Bookclub has been a spiritual hedge around my growing ministry. God really did bring me here!”

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Sheila Johnson, Education Consultant

In February I attended my first BC meeting in Deptford in the. I was invited by a friend. I attended not knowing what to expect, I was a little apprehensive as I was thinking a whole lot of Christians, I hoped it was not going to be a lot of people preaching to me and telling me that I needed to be saved.

Any way I attended and I was pleasantly surprised, there were a group of people sitting around a table discussing various topics of business and reviewing a book. Before the meeting concluded people were asked about a business idea that they have to share with the group. We were given the opportunity to pitch our business idea to the rest of the group. Initially I was not going to pitch, them I heard an internal voice say to me ‘why don’t you give a pitch about your reading project. I pitched straight away; no hesitation, and was chosen to do a 90 day challenge where I would be supported advised given the tools to bring my business to life.

I was pleased but still skeptical as I thought to myself I do not have a clue what to do next. I was given the relevant information to sign up and become a member. I looked at the fees and thought to myself I can’t pay this as I don’t have the money. I went home and thought some more about it, I was trying to get out of it by having a negative conversation with myself, at the same time I had to remind myself that I had asked God for a Network like the CMBC. There and then I decided that I would give the book club a go pay the monthly fee and attend meetings to receive and offer as much help and support as I can.

Since being part of this book club. I have met some wonderful people. I have gained a lot of knowledge about different subjects namely how to manage my finances invest and save.

I have started to be coached by Blessing in business and finance which has been very beneficial, Blessing has helped me to understand business and what it entails how to go about structuring my business and the steps I need to take to see it coming into being. Blessing is very patient understanding and will always listen and give the advice that is needed posting me in the right direction whether to an organisation to get information or to another member of the group who can support me and provide information.

I am truly grateful to be a member of the book club and would recommend it to anyone who is looking to develop and grow in all areas of their life as there is something for everyone.

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Christian Millionaire Book Club Locations

We are looking at expanding into different areas in the UK and abroad therefore if you would like to launch a branch in your city please contact us.

Millionaire Purpose Discovery Programme

If you want to find out your purpose so that you can earn millions to serve humanity and be a blessing to the world, we have the perfect programme for you.

In this 30 Day Programme, you will be guided by videos of 30 people who have found their purpose and reaping the benefits, coupled with daily messages that will help you to discover your purpose and reach your full potential.

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How to Discover Your Purpose and Make Millions Book

In this must have e-book you will learn:

  • Powerful questions that will help you discover your true identity
  • the 7 principles to understand your true purpose
  • Embark on a 30-day purpose discovery challenge
  • Take steps to achieve your purpose and make millions.

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