Review of Last Month’s Book Club

Despite the quarantine, we were still able to meet online and add value to our members.


South East London Branch

We had such a lovely time at the south east branch book club. First, we had our reviewers Christine and Bunmi who gave an excellent review of I am my brand. 

We then had our amazing speaker Tobi Awoyemi who gave us such valuable nuggets of purpose and brand which included:

1. Why -our purpose and relationship with God.

2. Who are you called to serve (target audience)?

3. What problem will you solve for your target audience?

4. How will you solve the problem?

5. Which promotional method will you use?

Then we had our financial tip from Debbie the financial educator who  explained beautifully about what a credit score is and how we can improve it.  Lastly thank you the visitors and members who showed up and how you were all inspired and empowered.

Central London Branch

Thanks to the excellent book reviewers Sandra Donna and Hannah who presented excellent reviews of 21 Success Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires by Brian Tracy.

Our Guest Speaker Tunde Tunde Croydon Speaker shared an excellent presentation on Entrepreneurship: A Post-Pandemic Strategy. The key  highlights were: 

 ⁃ Our character is so very important because if your character is in question people will not be able to trust you

 ⁃ It’s important to work on our character and protect your integrity 

 ⁃ The key success to your business is to follow your passion 

 ⁃ It’s important to develop your network because it will affect your networth 

 ⁃ Training is key to developing yourself in the post-lockdown era. Make sure you are constantly equipping yourself

 ⁃ You cannot become a millionaire without setting goals 

 ⁃ Are you social media savvy? You need to get over social media challenge. 

 ⁃ Look at how we can upscale ourselves to use technology 

 ⁃ Cultivate the habit of savings 

 ⁃ In business take a long term view. So that you can look back and see where you are going 

 ⁃ To become a millionaire minimise your costs and maximise your profits 

 ⁃ Focus on the money coming in 

Starting a post pandemic business 

 ⁃ What are the needs of your potential customers? Identify a need and fulfil it 

 ⁃ Remember it’s a numbers game 

 ⁃ Have a written down business plan – make sure your business plan is SMART 

 ⁃ You must have an idea of what you are looking to achieve in your income 

 ⁃ Need a good website to publicise your business 


 ⁃ Your savings 

 ⁃ Family / friends 

 ⁃ Investors 

 ⁃ Banks 

 ⁃ Small business one-off grant (£10k)* 

 ⁃ Business bounce back loan – available until November 

 ⁃ Peer to peer lenders (family circle)

 ⁃ Credit cards (interest free only) – a loan you can can service is enabling, a loan you cannot service is crippling 

Legal & regulatory obligations 

 ⁃ Register company

 ⁃ Seek professional advice 

 ⁃ Public indemnity insurance 

Croydon Branch

Gary Turner spoke about Holistic Wealth. It was predominantly about financial wealth. His focus was on 70% financial wealth and 30% physical wealth. It was all about the outer realm.

He stated that if we do not challenge the negative self-talk then it becomes our belief. We should become awake of the stories that we tell ourselves.

He said we should awaken purpose by

  1. What are our two core values that mean more to us than anything.
  2. Do we have any fears that are stopping us from living a wealthier life?
  3. What will we do if we were not afraid?
  4. How proactively can we disrupt ourselves?
  5. What do we want to be remembered for?
  6. We are here to serve and thrive?

During this Covid-19 period

“ It’s amazing how much we are seeing when we are going at 30mph instead of 90mph

He rounded up by telling us to be

  1. Courageous in little and big ways.
  2. Listen without judgement
  3. Experiment and move away from perfectionism
  4. Network actively.

His main takeaway was holistic wealth and he brough the talk full circle by saying he now balances his life 30/30/ 20/20 on financial , spiritual, physical and mental wealth.

Harrow Branch

Thanks to the book reviewers who did a wonderful job reviewing the “21 Success Secrets of Self Made Millionaire”. We had Richard Tiedeman as the speaker who talked us through the importance of wealth versus riches according to Ecclesiastes 5:19. He stated that we can have money but still not be wealthy. What is Wealth? Wealth is about relationships and been able to serve others. Wealth is about focusing on people rather than money. He encouraged us not to find happiness in riches and possession. The Harrow book club is grateful for the wisdom that was shared with the group.

Online Branch

Thank you to those who joined this months online CMBC last Friday. We had such a great time.

Thanks to Tosin and Kemi for giving an excellent review of 21 Secrets of Self Made Millionaires by Brian Tracy.

The book provides you with all the essential steps you need to take to be a successful millionaire.

We were inspired and blessed with our guest speaker Rodney Appiah.

He delivered a very powerful and engaging session on investing and left us with practical steps to becoming an Angel Investor. These included:

• Joining a syndicate of like minded investors
• Do due dilligence checks before investing
• Diversify your investment portfolio across different platforms and types of funds to reduce risks
• Invest using the 40%, 30%, 20% and 10% rule

South East London Branch

The month began with the South East London Book Club which met on Tuesday 2nd June 2020. The Guest Speaker was Roy McEwen. Roy shared 3 nuggets that every entrepreneur must try and adopt amongst other things:

  • Not to use comfort words.
  • Talk positivity over our lives.
  • Become problem solvers. 

Central London Branch

The Central London Book Club took place on Thursday 11 June 2020. The guest speaker Mignon Francois.

What a word! Francois reminded us about the importance of faith in building our businesses and the importance of our words.

Mignon  shared her powerful story of how she was able to turn $5 into $10 million cup cake business.

1. She shared some powerful truths about what God can do through us when we have faith in Him. 

2. She encouraged us to speak positive words and to let our names count for something.

3. She assured us that all things are possible and to remove every limit from our lives. 

4. We must spend time with God to find out our purpose and do the work towards its attainment. 

Here are some quotes: “Do your due diligence to make your name great.” 

“There are no mistakes, Everything happening to you is happening for you!” 

“You don’t need a good idea but one God idea.” 

Croydon Branch

The Croydon Book Club took place on Monday 15th June 2020. The Guest Speaker was Lily Mensah – Lyns Media.

Lily share how she transitioned from personal to professional branding.

Lily shared about your QUIRKS. An acronym that Lily created to emphasize how your brand should or must stand out. 

Lily share how she transitioned from personal to professional branding.

Lily shared about your QUIRKS. An acronym that Lily created to emphasize how your brand should or must stand out. 




K be Kind to yourself.

Lily also shared the 4 stages to branding.

Research- understanding your audience

Review – where you go through what you have found and how we manage it.

Reveal- a good quality logo is just as important to brand identity as a photo head shot.

Refine- how we maintain our brand story and how we maintain our sparkle after the sale is done.

Harrow Branch

The Harrow Book Club took place on Tuesday 19 June. Guest Speaker was Temi Koleowo.

Temi Koleowo’s speech on Branding was very insightful. Temi used Gideon from the Bible as an example on how God has branded us to be the best version of ourselves, we get our validation from our maker.

We don’t have to copy others; we just have to be the best version of ourselves; because if we are not careful we can be running someone else’s race! We have been sent into the world validated by our creator. Thank you very much for what you shared with us Temi.

Online Branch

The Online Book Club took place on Friday 26th June. Guest Speaker was Temi Koleowo.

We were inspired and blessed with our guest speaker Temi Keleowo.

Temi delivered a powerful and engaging session on developing your brand God’s way, with key emphasis on:

• Defining your product or service 

• Identifying what makes you unique

• Ensuring you use your strengths to the best of your ability.

• Defining the impact your brand has on your target audience 

• Identify your key performance indicators (KPIs)

• Creating and assessing a well-crafted Value Proposition. 

Purchase Temi’s latest book Amplify My Business Planner.


South East London Branch

The month began with the South East London Book Club which met on Tuesday 5 May. The Guest Speaker was Michael Holmes, author of Success Habits of Christian Millionaires. Michael shared some of the things we do that blocks us from moving forward, which ultimately “ties Gods hands”:

  • Unforgiveness
  • Spousal abuse
  • unbelief

Michael shared that “To be successful it’s not just about paying your tithes and working hard, but you must also forgive others and yourself”. Michael Holmes is so passionate in teaching people simple success habits that if followed you will begin to experience a sense of self-worth and determination to succeed and diligence to seek God first.

Central London Branch

The Central London Book Club took place on Thursday 14 May and the Guest Speaker was Morenike Ajayi who shared success nuggets:

  • Discover God for yourself -Matthew 6:33
  • Dream big – have the picture of what success means to you
  • Map out your direction – planning the route you will use to fulfil that dream
  • Determination – you must be resilient, be able to see setbacks as opportunities to improve
  • Diligence – hard work, consistent, staying focused
  • Distinguish yourself – branding, USP, create something of value, help others, is what you are doing of value to other people?
  • Develop yourself – be strategic and intentional about it
  • Do it – don’t let your dream just be a dream but make it a reality.

She advised us to avoid the following:

  • Distractions 
  • Doubt – believe in yourself 
  • Duplicating others 

Croydon Branch

The Croydon Book Club took place on Monday 18 May and the Guest Speaker was Toni McLelland. Toni shared her personal challenges which she overcame and what drives her professionally.

She encouraged entrepreneurs to develop relationship because it is paramount to any business transaction. Once this this built then the money will come.

Toni shared 10 Success Nuggets.

  • Get the figures right. 
  • Be strategic in which short cut to take.
  • Be sure of your starting point. Where are you now financially?
  • Be ready for change. Change is good for any business to attract new clients or ideas. It could be change of environment,  approach and services offered.
  • Have a realistic plan. Having a plan helps in setting actionable steps. 
  • Focus on one thing you are good at. Surround yourself with the best in the interest area whether it is human resources, IT and accountants.
  • Keep learning. Be a life learner. Leading effectively in business means one must be ahead in the game. Learning adds knowledge to stay relevant. There is a possibility if we stop learning the money will stop coming. 
  • Stay committed.
  • Respect others.
  • Be accountable, be responsible and be committed.

Online Branch

The Online Book Club took place on Friday 15 May. The Guest Speaker was Aaron T Aaron who delivered a very powerful and engaging session on the topic of success. We took away the following:

• The secret to success is having a definite goal and a definite plan.
• Faith is built in the journey between the sustained effort of being focused from a desire standpoint and seeing it through until its arrival point.
• Our dream is a frequency that starts in the mind of God and gets downloaded to our minds as a desire and we have to follow it through until it manifests in its physical form.
• Will power (focus) and desire when properly combined makes an irresistible pair.
• Are you doing the 6 steps prescribed in chapter 2? This questions whether you want what you really want. You doing the 6 steps or not doing it will show if you really desire what you want.
• Lack of persistence is one of the major causes of failure.
• The ease with which lack of persistence may be conquered will depend on the intensity of ones desire.

Harrow Branch

The Harrow Book Club took place on Tuesday 19 May and the Guest Speaker was Bebe Clement. Bebe used the story of Zacchaeus in the Bible Luke 19: 9-8 to talk about success. She emphasised on how Zacchaeus saw an opportunity when Jesus was passing by and he went the extra mile to be able to see Jesus and be seen by Jesus. Zacchaeus was intentional and he did not want to miss this opportunity of meeting the Lord Jesus Christ.

Zacchaeus did not allow his limitation of height to stand in his way of seeing Jesus. In fact, he used his limitation to his advantage by climbing the tree to ensure he attracted Jesus’ attention. Zacchaeus took action to get over whatever stood between him and his success; in his case it was limited vision. 

Are you willing to get uncomfortable to get what you need to get?

Position yourself for greatness/success.

What are your limitations?

  • You can turn your limitations into success.
  • Whatever plans you have as a believer include Christ and do not do alone.  
  • Connect with like-minded people who will support you in ensuring your plans come to fruition.  
  • Successful people work their plans until it succeeds, work the strategy. 
  • “All things work together for good to those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28)…”
  • Success is more than money and status. Success is personal. You define your own success.
  • Do not engage in activities that is not in alignment with your purpose.

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