Review of Last Month’s Book Club

Despite the quarantine, we were still able to meet online and add value to our members.

South East London Branch

The month began with the South East London Book Club which met on Tuesday 7 April. The Guest Speaker, Donna Herdsman who gave us an excellent talk on goal setting using Forbes 10 point approach and illustrations from her life.

1. Belief

2. Visualise- What you want

3. Write it down

4. The purpose- Why you want to achieve

5. Commit- The outcome

6. Stay focused- S/T horizon + L/T Horizon

7. What’s my plan of action – Next

8. What can I do right now?

9. Accountability- Ask myself the question

10. Review

Central London Branch

Central London Book Club took place on Thursday 9 April and the Guest Speaker, Timea Kadar gave an excellent talk on the 4 Ps of Marketing and how we can develop attractive marketing especially in this lock down season.

  1. Product – do I have a product staircase?
  2. Pricing – what is the value the customer is getting out of it?
  3. Placement – distribution and how it gets to the clients
  4. Promotion – building an audience, producing content and getting them to buy, buy again and refer.

Online Book Club

The Online Book Club took place on Friday 17April and the Guest Speaker, Roy McEwen delivered a very power and engaging session on the topic of money. He shared his story using biblical principles and real life examples of how he paid of his 6 figure debts. He emphasised the importance of working out your expenses properly, humbling yourself and prioritising paying off your debts first. Praying for the exact figures you desire so that you can live a life of abundance was key to his success. His story was captivating and left us all ready to take action! We would definitely love to have him again as we were thoroughly blessed.

Croydon Branch

The Croydon Book Club took place on Monday 20 April and the Guest Speaker, Michael Holmes shared from the heart the four habits to develop as we work towards becoming Millionaires for the Lord. 

  1. Pray. Take time to pray and seek God’s face in everything we do. 
  2. Know Your Purpose. Through prayer God will reveal to us our purpose. Our purpose is not about us it is about how we can be of service to God, our family and our community 
  3. Be financially literate so we are a good steward of money. 
  4. Be industrious – hard working and diligent with whatever skills the Lord blesses us with. 

Harrow Branch

The Harrow Book Club took place on Tuesday 21 April and the Guest Speaker Pastor Tunji Olujimi shared on “What is your money mindset?” He helped members to reflect on the following questions:

  1. How do we view money,  and ourselves with money?  We get money from only solving a problem. Our mindset about money has to change.
  2. Do we believe that we can make more money than we’re making now?
  3. Do we see ourselves seated with Christ in abundance?
  4. How valuable is the problem that we are solving in order to get paid?

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