Self-Employed Workshop




A step by step guide to completing your Self-Assessment tax return (SA100) online.

Who is this workshop for?

  • People who are new to self-employment, and having never completed a tax return
  • People who want to complete SA100 without paying an accountant
  • You want to avoid penalties
  • People who have made losses;
  • Start-ups that needs support in knowing what your tax obligations
  • You’ve been completing it accurately, but want to make sure your claiming for everything
  • You are receiving property income
  • People who are earning more than £50K and receiving child benefit b
  • Those who have made a loss in previous tax years (don’t ignore it) you need to include it in you self -assessment (SA100).

 What will we cover?

  • What expenses are allowed for my business.
  • Different types of Income allowed.
  • What is the documentation I need to keep?
  • Can I use my home as part of my allowable expenses?
  • How to pay the least tax possible.
  • And Much More!!

Facilitator: Carol Williams