Preparing & Pitching a Business Plan




Your business may be new or up and running and you may be seeking an investor or maybe a grant, business loan or funding, if so you are certainly in the right place…

Running a business is complicated and the risk of making mistakes is high.

By preparing for a plan, reflecting on it and seeking the opinions of experienced outsiders, a prospective entrepreneur can eliminate many mistakes during the planning stage.

A business plan is often presented to investors and others who do not have much time to scrutinise a substantial document, but at the same time need access to important information.

This course therefore enables delegates to develop a concise plan which contains the important and relevant information needed by a potential investor.

Delegates should be conscious of the difference between a presented business plan, and the substantial plan that will underpin the operation of their business and which could be drawn from evidence produced for the first six courses in this qualification.

In their presented plan, delegates will focus on the way the plan is presented, as well as its content, in order to enable them to learn of the need for maximum effectiveness of presentation.

Outcome of session

Outcomes will include:

  • Be able to develop a business plan for your business
  • Executive summary paragraph
  • The business vision/concept
  • The product/service
  • The impact of the business environment
  • Summary of market research: customer base; competitors; risks
  • The marketing plan: routes to market, promotion
  • Summary of the financial plan: finance, funding; acknowledgements, appendices
  • Business plan document presentation: cover, binding or loose-leaf file, consistent use of fonts, headings and page numbering, professional image, appendices
  • Be able to pitch a business plan
  • Be able to review a business plan
  • Be able to construct a viable project plan to bring a product to market
  • Gain a course completion certificate
  • Count towards CPD


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