Leadership & Teamwork

£180.00 / month for 6 months



The aim of this course is to enable delegates to develop the attributes that a successful entrepreneur needs when working in or leading a team.

In this course, delegates will gain an awareness that for whatever activities they undertake to develop their business idea and plan, these will usually involve working with others, often as part of a team.

An effective team depends on leadership, and in this course delegates will have the opportunity to work in a team both as a member and as a leader.

Delegates will develop an understanding of team roles and how teams work together, as well as an understanding of conflict within teams.

Delegates will practise teamworking skills, as well as learning what qualities are needed to motivate and inspire others to perform well.

They will assess their contribution both as a team worker and a leader.

Outcome of session

Outcomes will include:

  • Understand the factors that contribute to effective teamworking
  • Benefits of effective teamworking for the business (making best use of people’s differing strengths)
  • Increased efficiency and productivity through less duplication of tasks, less risk if a team member leaves as others can take on the role and responsibilities
  • Suggestions made for improvements to working practices
  • Communication and listening skills
  • Conflict: recognising and dealing with conflict situations
  • Negotiating compromises and win-win solutions
  • Using active listening techniques
  • Be able to work in a team, and lead a team activity
  • Building working relationships
  • Qualities, eg enthusiasm, confidence, integrity, courage, leading by example
  • Communication and listening skills, eg active listening, questioning, body language
  • Recognising and dealing with conflict situations
  • Gain a course completion certificate
  • Count towards CPD


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