How to Invest in the Stock Market for the first time and make money

£97.00 / month for 6 months



In this course you will:

  • Be Assisted to Set Up your stock account
  • Be Supported with Portfolio Construction
  • Become part of the Stock Investment Group
  • Join Online Membership.

Why Invest in the Stock Market

  • To generate passive income
  • To prevent inflation eroding the value of your money
  • To fastrack your journey to financial security and freedom
  • To generate multiple income streams
  • To make your money become your “slave”
  • Historically, investing in stocks has produced the best returns
  • If you plan to live longer than 10 years, you need to invest in stocks
  • That is where the money is!

Facilitator: Aloysius Yongbi Fontama

Aloysius Yongbi Fontama is an Investor, Private Tutor, Mentor and Founder of A&F Capital Advisors [Financial Education firm] and A & F Tutors. A&F Tutors is an education consulting firm aimed at adding value to people through 1-2-1 private tutoring, mentoring and coaching. It also uses education as a tool for social and economic mobility, especially those from low-socioeconomic background. A & F Capital Advisors is used as a tool to help people, especially those from low socio-economic background with the knowledge, tools and skills required to acquire financial security and freedom. He is the Author of ‘How to Invest in the Stock Market for the First Time and Make Money’. 


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