How to Drive Your Business Forward




In this course I will share my knowledge of how to drive your business forward, enjoy success and ensure you grow your business to the fullest outcome.
Great ideas need action to make them successful businesses.
After an initial one hour session where we talk through your current business, we plot a plan for success.
  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Key performance
  • Target markets
  • Creating your brand
  • Understanding how to get traction fast
  • Marketing
  • Goal tracking
  • Implementation
Access the 30 years + business experience that I have, having founded seven businesses in my career and having won numerous awards.
Cost: £95 per session (55 min)
Facilitator: Richard Teideman
I am a commercial director and currently and invested in and/ or working for 5 companies in various areas – rail engineering, media (childrens entertainment currently) radio, voice overs, fintech, ad tech, cryptography, engineering and commercial real estate.


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