Discovering and Walking in Your God-given Purpose

£95.00 / month for 6 months



I offer bespoke spiritual life coaching services to individuals who desire to locate their purpose, mission and values. I use my knowledge of the Bible and success strategies to empower individuals to devise strategies to discover their purpose and achieve their full potential.

Session outcome:

•       Develop a closer relationship with God;

•       Develop a consistent spiritual life;

•       Identify your gifts and talents and share them with the world;

•       Create a business / social enterprise inline with your purpose.

Facilitator: Blessing Theophilus-Israel

I am a Speaker, Teacher and Coach, who is passionate about purpose and desires to see everyone fulfil their purpose and reach their potential. I am the author of ‘How to Discover Your Life’s Purpose Through Dreams’. My expert knowledge of the Bible and life’s experience of overcoming fear and other mental barriers has formed my character and made me a person of love and compassion who understands how the spiritual and emotional can affect every area of life.


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