Creating A Vision for your Business Plan




You may need to raise a government grant or funding for your idea?

Well you are in the right place…

Successful entrepreneurs develop ideas and turn these ideas into a product or service to which they can make a commitment. They do this by having a vision of the future of the product or service and by making this vision a reality. In the first part of this course delegates will explore successful and innovative business ideas.

Next, delegates will choose an idea for implementation and explain their reasons for rejecting other ideas; they will select which of their ideas they wish to work with as the basis for a fully-developed business plan.

Outcome of session

Outcomes will include:

  • Be able to assess the suitability of a business idea
  • Apply for government grant or funding for your idea
  • Be able to articulate a coherent vision for a new business idea
  • Be able to use sources of help and support in developing a new business
  • Gain a course completion certificate
  • Count towards CPD


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