CMBC Mastermind (DBGW)

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From: £97.00 / month for 6 months

  • Learn the foundation for doing business God’s way
  • Monthly group session with aspiring millionaires 
  • Monthly mastermind session facilitated by a Christian Millionaire Roy McEwen


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How to do Business God’s Way is a revelation; opening your eyes and upskilling you to become proficient.

Meeting once a month for six (6) months to learn and practice the biblical principles of doing business and to lay the foundation for doing business God’s way. At the end ouf this coaching, you will have the tools to grow / kick start your business:

  • Completed Business Model Canvas
  • Completed Customer Persona
  • Completed personalised Expenses – know your expenses
  • Completed Business Assessment

You will be competent in the following:

  • Creating wealth as a spirit activity
  • Pricing – how to cover expenses, profit and investments
  • Working with and getting the best out of people
  • Elevator pitch – explaining your business effectively in less than 30 seconds

This coaching comprises:

  • Monthly group sessions
  • Individual homework coaching
  • Hands-on Workshops
  • Practical Applications

Facilitated by Roy McEwen, the Non-Executive Director for the Christian Millionaire Book Club.

Here are a selection of reviews from the members on how they found the March session:

My key highlight from the Mastermind is the target customer and hearing from him from a Christian perspective. He is teaching us about money mindset. His examples of tithing was phenomenal. I get paid tomorrow and I will follow what he says. He is teaching us about money mindset. Bolanle Akinbolu
He is coming from a Godly perspective and teaching us the basis of establishing the Godly foundation for building Kingdom wealth. He is doing it God’s way we cannot fail. He made becoming a millionaires seem within our reach. Donna Sherwood
Without a good foundation how are we going to grow ? That is exactly what Roy is providing for us, and I appreciated his teaching on biblical principles and taking us right back to basics. Only way is up! Reminder to pray for key suppliers, customers and government. Carol Williams
The fact that he reminded that if we follow these Godly principles we will not only be millionaires but trillionaires. Mind blowing! Blessing Theophilus-Israel
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Autumn (October 2020), Spring (February 2021), Summer (June 2021), Autumn (October 2021)

2 reviews for CMBC Mastermind (DBGW)

  1. Blessing Theophilus-Israel

    Today’s mastermind session was phenomenal. Based on what I have learned from the Mastermind session, I will no longer look at personality but will now identify who can work within my business based on the skills that we need. I learned how to draft a brief in line with my customer persona and will make sure that the people I bring into my business have this brief and then empower them to go on to achieve it. Thanks for this invaluable lesson Roy!

  2. Bolanle Akinbolu

    I thoroughly enjoyed the mastermind with Roy today. The focus was on how to work with the right people to build your business. I took away some amazing nuggets which included, how to write a clear brief in line with my customer persona and how to choose the right consultants based on their skills set as opposed to their personality. I will be implementing these tips immediately. Thank you Roy.

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