CMBC Annual Standard Membership*

£25.00 / month

The Standard Book Club Membership entitles you to:

  • Guaranteed Millionaire Book Club Seat al all branches
  • Personal development through monthly book reviews
  • Monthly accountability coaching with your branch leader
  • Network with top speakers who are experts in their field
  • Have your business added to the CMBC Business Directory
  • 100% off Millionaire Business Networking Socials
  • Free attendance at Members Workshops
  • Member of Telegram Group
  • 10% off all CMBC Online Courses



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  • Do you desire to be financially free so that you can serve others?
  • Do you desire to leave a legacy not just for your children, but for your children’s children?
  • Do you want your life to count for something?
  • Do you desire to become financially free so that you can travel the world to spread the Gospel of the Kingdom?
  • Do you desire to create products and services that can serve humanity?
  • Do you desire to create multiple sources of income to become an investor?
  • Do you desire to be so financially free that you can set up a charity / foundation to help the underpriviledged in society?

If living a life of purpose and having the financial freedom to serve others is your key priority then join our standard membership.

As a standard member, you will come together on a monthly basis with other like-minded individuals to review the book for the month and learn from inspirational speakers who are experts in their field.

You will have monthly accountability coaching with your branch leader to ensure that you are on the path to achieve your business and financial goals.

You will have the opportunity to review your financial checklist on a monthly basis to work out your networth, quantify how much effort  it will take you to achieve your millionaire status and what goals you will need to set to achieve your day and hourly rate.

You will be paired with an accountability partner who will support you on your millionaire status.

You will have the opportunity to attend regular workshops designed to support you to become a confident leader, finacially free business owner. 

If this sounds like what you desire, then please join our popular membership today!

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