Business Marketing Plan




This course aims to give delegates the understanding and skills needed to develop a marketing and promotion plan for their own start-up business or social enterprise.

The marketing plan is one of the most important parts of a business plan because it directly communicates the nature of the intended business and the manner in which that business will be able to succeed. In this course, delegates will learn about the fundamental marketing concepts that any entrepreneur needs to master.

Outcome of session

Outcomes will include:

  • Understand marketing concepts used by businesses
  • Understand marketing concepts used by businesses Marketing concepts: buyer decision-making process:
  • Attention, Information, Decision, Action, Satisfaction; unique selling proposition (USP), eg unique mix/product, quicker, friendlier, cheaper; segmentation and targeting: defining typical customers, targeting groups of potential customers
  • Be able to plan marketing and promotion
  • Type of promotional materials appropriate for the customer group eg poster, leaflet, advertisement, website
  • Nature of the promotional materials, eg colours, visual features, text; name of the product/service and company; branding or logo, website design and functionality
  • Reasons why promotional material is appropriate for the customer group
  • How success of promotions will be measured


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