Becoming a Person of Influence




How to Positively Impact the Lives of Other!

Five weeks mastermind

Regardless of your status or position, the influence you cultivate will impact people long after you are gone. With influence, you can achieve success at home, at work, and in every other area of life.

Creating positive influence will not only be a catalyst to your own success, but it will also become the legacy you will leave behind.

 “Leadership is influence nothing more nothing less” John C. Maxwell

During this 5 -week mastermind, you will be able to apply the ten Principles and answer the questions below.

  • What could change in your life if you developed your influence?
  • What effectiveness would you add?
  • What weaknesses would you subtract?
  • How would you divide your workload?
  • How would you multiply your impact?

Course Requirements

  • Participants are required to read each chapter before the start of each session.
  • A free electronic version of the book and worksheets will be provided. Readers who prefer physical copies can obtain their copies from Amazon.

Facilitator: Linda Muyobo

Linda is the Director and Founder of Linda Muyobo Limited. Linda believes that taking 100% responsibility of your life, consciously and intentionally walking in forgiveness are the prerequisite to fully walking in your purpose and serving with passion. Linda believes that we all have the answers however, due fear and self-limiting beliefs individuals are not fully tapping into areas of strength. As a coach I will ask you questions that you maybe have shied away from asking yourself to bring you to full self-awareness that you need to start walking in your purpose. I belief in and practice holistic coaching to create transformation from within. As an Occupational Therapist Assistant, I assess, support, and implement strategies to assist my clients get back to their baseline, build confidence in areas they are struggling with and set goals that are achievable. With the right support and guidance, coupled with a shift in mindset, every individual can achieve their dreams.

Linda is Certified John Maxwell Coach, Speaker & Trainer

Certified John Maxwell DISC Trainer

Facilitated at the Ireland/Uganda 25th Ireland & Uganda Trade Investment Conference attended by High Commission of Uganda to the UK & Ireland, High Commissioner of Ireland to Uganda, Diplomats from both Uganda, and Ireland.

Certified diversity and inclusion trainer and SHRM recertified to train on diversity and inclusion. As a branch leader for The Christian Millionaire Book Club Croydon Branch, I lead by example. As my mentor John Maxwell puts it succinctly “A leader must be close enough to relate to others, but far enough ahead to motivate them”. I implement this by constantly adding value in me to be able to lead and add value to my team.

As a person of value who values people, during this crisis besides coaching adults, I decided to add value to the youth 8 – 18 yr olds.


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