As a Man Thinketh with Aaron T Aaron




Utilize the power of your thoughts
every single day!

8 weeks of intensive growth

Friday’s 7.30pm – 9pm (1hr 30mins)

Join Aaron T Aaron on this journey.

“As we go through this study together, my goal is to lead you to this awareness and understanding in your own life and your own mind, because you too have the creative power within you to achieve your goals and dreams. “

Join me, Aaron T Aaron, for 8 weeks and see how this study serves as a catalyst for changing your thoughts… and how that can change your entire life!

A little book… packed with wisdom

In 1902 James Allen wrote a masterpiece that explains exactly how to use the marvellous tool of thought, a tool that gives us enormous power – a power that is available to us all. It’s a short book .. a book you can easily read in an hour or two .. but it’s a book that you can study for a lifetime. In it, Allen gives one of the most concise descriptions ever written on how to use the mind to shape our world.

During the program we:

♦ Unpack the secrets contained in Allen’s great work

♦ Explore in detail this great power and how it works

♦ Uncover the most common pitfalls in its application… Including the one biggest mistake that everyone makes

♦ Draw out from the text the key steps to success in any area

♦ … and Reveal the critical steps in our ‘As a Man Thinketh System’ for successful living

I’m ready to live into my greatness
and start REALLY harnessing the power of my thoughts!

With your program enrolment you will get:

  • 100-page digital workbook to follow along – the entire book (you don’t need to buy it) and exercises to complete for each lesson
  • Access to our closed community – to share thoughts, experiences and ideas.

Facilitator: AaronTAaron

Aaron T Aaron is a Certified John Maxwell Coach, a Global Trainer, Teacher, Speaker and the convener of the very first virtual global summit in the Uk – entitled ‘Thriving Through Crisis Summit 2020’. This global summit platformed over 60 Speakers.

A passionate entrepreneur who uses practical applications of proven methods, as well as his entrepreneurial experience. Aaron will help and equip aspiring business owners, with the personal skills they need for professional growth.

Aaron has a vast level of experience delivering workshops, seminars, keynote speaking, and personal one to one coaching. He has helped produce many stories of success through coaching individuals and families, including young children – between the ages of 11-18. This has helped him prove that success and achievement is all about the mindset.

Aaron is also a singer, songwriter and gospel artist who has released two albums and leads worship across the nations and tours regularly.


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