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The dynamic, the drunk and the diligent

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Covid-19 is showing who is who in business. The survivors will be those who adapt quickly to change. Effective change management is executed seamlessly by dynamic leaders.

Reed Hastings CEO of Netflix is a dynamic leader, he empowers his staff to make decisions and take ownership of generating new products and initiatives. Netflix shares have increased by 14% despite covid-19 because they were positioned correctly in the market. Dynamic leaders analyse trends, predict consumer behaviours and position themselves accurately in the market.  Blockbuster was not able to make the transitions from DVDs to streaming. Twenty years ago, Hastings approached Blockbusters about a partnership and was laughed out of the room.  This is what happens when people are drunk with power and success.

Drunk leaders are egotistical and do not listen to reason. They surround themselves with ‘yes’ people who would not challenge their way of thinking. Drunk leaders start out doing great but get side-tracked because they start believing their own press. Pharaoh was a drunk leader. He was foolish enough to go head to head with Moses. By the third plague a sober leader would have receded. His stubbornness costed the nation’s every first-born child including his own. Sir Philip Green former director of the BHS drove the company into administration with the loss of 11000 jobs and a pension hole of £571 million. According to City AM he ran the company like a medieval fiefdom with absolute control, shaky governance, and only lip service responsibility to its defined benefit pension fund. Drunk leaders usually stumble into their own demise and eventually drag everyone else with them. We can learn from the mistakes of others and develop skills to become diligent leaders.

Diligent leaders see opportunities and are courageous to run with it. Akilah Releford was in university on route to be a doctor in the footsteps of her dad. She experimented with different oils and cream in her dorm room to ease the discomfort of her eczema flair ups. She also posted skin care tips on social media. When she woke up to 30,000 retweets to one of her beauty tips online. She knew she was sitting on a goldmine. She used her $600 she saved up from her part time job in Zara to buy her first batch of inventory and domain name. She taught herself how to create Facebook and Google Ads so she could reach new customers.  Akilah also made a conscious effort not to go over budget.  She did all this while still studying for exams in Howard University.

When the effects of Covid-19 started ravaging businesses, she was quick to respond to the changes. Her surgeon dad suggested a hand sanitizer spray with a heavy alcohol base. Akilah was diligent in launching the business as a pre-med student and smart enough to recognise the trend for vegan products. She courageously dropped out of school to let go of her studies to pursue a business which is well on the way to making a revenue of one million dollars this year.

Leadership skills are not elusive we choose whether we want to be dynamic, drunk or diligent. Which one will you be?

Genstacia is the author of Unwind with God, Intimate Evenings with God, Money Mindset Makeover and Conquering over Covid-19. She loves writing and has a blog . Follow her on Instagram


Single, saved and filthy rich

By Genstacia Bull © 2020

Members of the Christian Millionaire book club are rich and on route to becoming uber rich. Wealth has its own set of challenges. One of them is acceptance for who we are rather than what we own.

Abigail Disney, granddaughter of Roy Disney, who co-founded the Walt Disney Company, has related her own experience as a rich person:

“People do say to me, straight up, ‘Oh my God, you must be really rich.’ In every interaction, you don’t get to make a first impression because they’re already thought about what they want to think about you before you even shake their hand.”

Sounds like a nice problem to have. When Abigail’s was in university, she hid her wealth from her classmates by wearing less than desirable clothes so that she will not stand out. The nagging thought of genuine versus fake friend is always present. The possibility of attracting opportunists as suitors is high.

Forbes magazine shows the rise of male gold diggers. 54% are male and young, 40% among the millennial generation compared to 27% in the baby boomer generation. Abigail Disney became an expert at reading people. As millionaires and budding millionaires, we need to prepare so we are not swooned by the charming brother who is simply after one thing.  The cash!

Check for character over personality. Personality is what the person wants you to believe about them. Character is who the person is when there is no audience. Time usually reveals character. Abraham’s servant Eliezer was looking for character on his errand to get a wife for Isaac. He was looking for someone who was not self-serving but had a servant’s heart. Rebekah was willing to give Eliezer a drink but offered to get water for all his camels as well. A camel can drink up to ten litres of water in a minute. Rebekah made numerous trips to the well to complete that task. She was not aware that her character was being observed for wealthy Isaac.

We should not only research our potential suitor but also check out their sphere of influence. This could have ramifications at a later stage.  How did Rebekah’s brother Laban respond to perceived wealth?

He had seen the nose-ring and the bracelets on his sister’s wrists and had heard Rebekah tell what the man had said. So, he rushed out to the spring, where the man was still standing beside his camels– Genesis 24:30 NLT

Laban could see the wealth and he was receptive of Eliezer the servant. Check out their family members. We all know that Laban turned out to be a crook. Eliezer’s mission was successful because he prayed before the trip. He was able to get the choice that God had for Isaac. Be discerning. We do not want to be living in Suspicion Valley and Mistrust Avenue, it is important to be spiritually sensitive.

Other signs of an opportunist:

  • They find a way to skip out on the bill
  • They are okay with not working
  • They always have an emergency and want to borrow money
  • They encourage lavish spending
  • The charm goes away once they have access to the funds

As we build our wealth be alert as some people seek out ladies on social media solely for their lifestyle. Put boundaries in place. Be surrounded with objective people who will prevent us from the lure of sinister opportunists.

Genstacia is the author of Unwind with God, Intimate Evenings with God, Money Mindset Makeover and Conquering over Covid-19. She loves writing and has a blog . Follow her on Instagram

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