Millionaire Business Networking Social

Thank you very much for attending the online Millionaire Business Networking Social on Thursday 16 April 2020. What an inspiring and impactful event, as entrepreneurs from various sectors came together to network for effective collaboration.

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The Next Millionaire Networking Social will be on Thursday 16 July. The Early Bird ticket has been extended until Monday 1 June 2020 therefore please book your ticket today. Please note this event is free for Christian Millionaire Book Club members!

Here are what attendees said about how they found the online event:

“Very informative, well planned, very good speakers, encouraging”

“I enjoyed the opportunity ask for advice and network. The speakers were excellent”

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Aaron T Aaron

Cassandra Antoine-Johnson

Michael Maurer-Lartey / MoneyMike

Annette Galloway

Bolanle Akinbolu  

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