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August Testimonial

CMBC has been an absolute blessing to me. I now have over £2000 in savings and £1000 tucked away for investments. When I met the founder Blessing, I was already on a mission to building my own financial freedom. What stood out to me the most, was the mission of CMBC, helping 12,000 Christians worldwide to become multi-millionaires.

I already had a relationship with Blessing prior to joining the book club. I visited the central London branch last October and decided to become a member. It been the best choice I had ever made. I loved the reviews and listening to impactful speakers.

I had been working on building my streams of income but was irresponsible with my spending and budgeting. I did not know how to budget let alone save. Money left my hands faster than I earned it. I always felt broke and was never faithful to my tithing. I was not a good steward with my bills and had many debts with no emergency savings. I was failing to plan and planning to fail.

It felt like a financial trap and I seriously needed a change but never quite knew how or where to start. I knew I may need a budgeting coach. I had and accountability call from Blessing in January. She is truly a blessing, just like her name. I opened up to her on my way home that  I wanted to get my financial house in order. I cannot expect God to bless you with more money if my financial house is not in order.

Blessing reminded me about the budgeting spreadsheet which we all receive in our welcome emails when we sign up. Blessing gave me feedback and highlighted where I had gone wrong. The number one error that she highlighted which I agreed with was my unfaithfulness to tithe. Due to the amount of debt and financial responsibilities that I had accumulated, I did not really trust god to help me as I continuously felt like I was trapped in lack. She also highlighted that I was possibly overpaying my creditors. It turned out that she was right about that.

I made it a mission since then to pay my tithes faithfully every week regardless of my situation, as by not doing so I will be robbing God and showing that I trust him to fix my finances. I also called my creditors and reduced my repayment plans so that I will not struggle and glory to God, they agreed. We were then hit with the Covid-19 Pandemic, which also helped me save. Blessing was super supportive and encouraged me to join the Stocks and Share investment ran by Aloysius. That also changed my life, as I already trade forex on the side, now I own more than five shares, as by implementing the 10% rule for tithes, savings and investments and paying myself.  I kept away over £1,000 for investments. I also saved £2,000 in my savings which I put bit by bit towards refurbishing my home and an additional £1,000 in my help to buy ISA, which I decided to place into more investments that will help me return higher capital.

For the first time in 13 years since I made the biggest mistake of my life at the age of 18 by running up overdrafts and messing up my credit.  I can say that my finances are finally coming back into order slowly but surely. I did not expect it to happen this quickly, but tithing faithfully contributed highly to that, as I no longer feel like I am in lack. I am constantly receiving more, even in my businesses. Whatever income I receive now, I do not play with my tithes I pay that first, as I do not ever want to be in that place of lack again. I asked God to increase my income at the beginning of this year and he showed me that my financial house was not in order.

Thank you to the Christian Millionaire book club and our founder Blessing herself for being a blessing in my life. Now that my finances are back in order and getting better, I am now working on my time management and procrastination issues which Blessing has also been helping me with.

I so look forward to more successes as a member of CMBC. I am on my journey to becoming a multi-millionaire and am working hard to set my family free from poverty and building generational wealth for my future. CMBC has had a part in that and I am truly grateful!

Veritas Nkom, (Lawyer, Inspirational Speaker & Transformational Coach)

July Testimonial

Coach Mary, Be Still and Know LTD

June Testimonial

Annette Gallowa, CEO and Founder of Saver to Investor

“I just realised that the CMBC mission statement has come to pass very strongly in my life. I have discovered my purpose. I am making money. I am saving and investing and you are assisting me to become a millionaire with a purpose.”

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