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  • Launch Your Business in 90 Days Webinar
    20:00 -21:00

    Have you got a business idea you want to launch?

    Do you lack the support, influential networks and the team to be able to bring your business idea into reality?

    Do you lack the technical knowledge of how to get your business started or move to the next level?

    Do you work full-time and lack the time to work on your business and often feel tired at the end of the day?

    Then why don’t you register for our new and improved 90 Days Challenge starting on 1 July 2020 where we will help you to:


    + Launch your business

    + Branding and marketing

    + Get customers

    + Expert guidance every step to launch

    + Business project manager

    + CMBC promotion and publicity

    + 12 months CMBC membership

    + Successful launch of your business


    The new and improved 90 Day Challenge is all about harnessing a culture of pace and urgency to arrive at your goals faster.

    Success Stories

    “I launched my business Saver to Investor in November 2018. The CMBC played a significant part in me being able to launch the business and gain the traction that I have gained so far. The members of the CMBC came out to support my first initial event. They have also attended paid workshops that have also benefitted them and allowed them to manage money better. It has felt like a win, win relationship. Often, we have ideas and it’s difficult to move beyond our initial ideas, take action and then remain consistent with the idea. This dilemma is solved through the 90-day challenge at the CMBC. The 90-day challenge which is a feature of the CMBC, encourages you to develop your business idea over 90 days. This really helped me to develop my business idea and allowed me to grow in confidence, in terms of putting my idea out to several people and then going on to implementing the idea. If it hadn’t been for the CMBC I would not have come along as far as I have. I am grateful that it exists and appreciative that it has been the support that I needed it to be when I need it the most”.

    Annette Galloway, Saver to Investor @savertoinvestor


    Psalms 27:4 (NKJV);

    ‘One thing I have desired of the Lord , That will I seek: That I may dwell in the house of the Lord All the days of my life, To behold the beauty of the Lord , And to inquire in His temple.’

    I thank God for what He has done for me. I have truly seen why it is so important to seek God in everything, like I mean everything!! This week has been a testament of following his steps. Listening to the inner voice and knowing exactly what to do next.

    I am so grateful for this book club (CMBC) it’s only been my fourth month as a member. I have developed immensely and have been transformed after reading the books and learning from others. It’s been such a big blessing to my life. Thank you Blessing and the daily encouragements & inspiration from all the others.

    Last year I craved to be in a surrounding like this because I knew I was isolated. In January 2019 four or five membership clubs I’d like to be part of, CMBC was one of them. However most meetings were too far for me. To my amazement the Harrow Branch was opened later that year, just ten minutes drive from my house. I knew I was to be part of this club. It took me a while to join but I eventually did in January 2020. God truly directed my steps and knew where I would start soaring.

    I encourage you all to seek God in all that you do, acknowledge Him in all your ways and He shall direct your paths. “

    Coach Mary, @coachmarykm and @bstillandknowltd

    Register your interest to find out more about the programme. For more information, please visit or contact or call +44(0)7984616693.

  • Christian Millionaire BookClub® Central London Branch
    18:00 -21:00

    THEME: Financial Freedom

    Welcome to the Christian Millionaire BookClub®. This is more than a book club.

    We are a Group of Christian entrepreneurs and our aim is to create millionaires with a purpose by circulating the wealth, knowledge and ideas.

    If your aim is to become a millionaire with purpose, why not participate in our MILLIONAIRE BOOK CLUB using one of the most widely read books on financial freedom: ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’, by Robert Kiyosaki.

    Here is the link to the next book: Click here

    During this session expect to:

    – Network with like-minded individuals who want to become Millionaires so that they can be a blessing to the world

    – Learn valuable, practical principles and tips that will take you a step closer to becoming a Millionaire.

    – Find out what it takes to become a Millionaire in a Supportive and Open Minded atmosphere where you can bounce off your own ideas and share your experiences

    – Get the opportunity to pitch to take part in the life-changing 90-day challenge to put your ideas into action!

    – Receive motivation and be inspired to become financially free

    – Receive financial tips you can implement straight away

    – Be guided through and access millionaire journey and acceleration resources

    – Become part of a millionaire mastermind Team!

    Guest Speaker: Bola Joseph

    Bola Joseph is a transportation expert, she is an entrepreneur with 12 year’s experience leading teams to deliver exceptional transport solutions to customers. Bola is the Director of Maymist Coaches.

    Maymist Coaches is the preferred transport service to Westcliff and Southend Grammar Schools. As well as providing this consistent contract bus service, Maymist is also available for private hire. Bola and her team have served these schools and the East London area for over a decade.

    Bola worked as a HR specialist for many years across various government departments. She also has graduated with a BSc Hons in Chemistry.

    Bola is married and blessed with three wonderful daughters.

    So what are you waiting for? Join us for this life-changing event and we will help and encourage you to unleash your unique potential for greatness with like minded people! See you there.

    For more information please contact:


    Blessing: +44(0)7984616693

    or visit

    Millionaire Club Membership

    The Christian Millionaire BookClub® is a membership organisation. Events are free for our memberS. If you would like to become a member to take advantage of the discount, please visit our website and sign up to the Christian Millionaire BookClub® Membership or contact us for any further information:

  • Millionaire Business Networking Social
    18:00 -21:00

    This is an exciting opportunity to network with:

    • Finance experts that advise both individuals and businesses on growing their income and keeping more of their earnings
    • Start-up coaches that can advise on starting and running a business
    • Project Management and Business Analysis professionals that can advise on how to change your career and become a Project Manager or Business Analyst
    • A serial author that can advise on how to publish your own book
    • A social media specilist that can advise on how to develop effective social media strategies

    Guest Speaker: Caroline Marsh

    Caroline Marsh is one of Britain’s leading female property investors. She was

    featured BBC prime time TV Channel 4 as ‘The Secret Millionaire’. Caroline continues to make a name for herself in the media as a Personal Financial Educator, Property Investor, Entrepreneur and Inspirational Speaker. Currently Director Kingdom Property Lettings, Kingdom Portfolio Builder, CLASP and PSP . Co- author Insider Secrets of the Wealthy Black Woman.

    Bank of Zambia Governor’s Award Winner for “Exceptional Workplace Financial Education Program”


    Global reach platforms include Canada, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa,

    Uganda, and Zambia. JP Morgan in the UK, Lloyds Bank UK, Intel Corporation,

    Zanaco, Stanbic bank, Office of the President, Zesco, FNB Zambia, UK’s Business

    Start- up Show, British Franchise Show, Business Leadership Networks UK.


    JLS Zambia Cherish Orphanage Uganda “World Vision, Kupes Network , Mahululo

    School, Bible Society, Churches. Lights for Learning a UK Charity, Swindon Town

    Community Football.


    So what are you waiting for? Join us for this life-changing event and we will help and encourage you to unleash your unique potential for greatness with like minded people! See you there.

    Sponsors: If you wish to sponsor this event and have the opportunity to speak and display your promotional material, please let us know as opportunities are available.

    For more information please contact: info@christianmillionairebookclub +44(0)7984616693 or visit

  • Grow Your Business in 90 Days Focus Group
    18:00 -20:00

    Learn how to grow your business

    About this Event

    Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

    Do you need the team to grow your business?

    Do you want to multiply your business income 10X…?

    Register for Grow Your Business in 90 Days to pitch your business to a group of five experts who will give you advice on how to grow your business:

    + Branding and Marketing Consultant to get you visually ready to grow

    + Digital Marketing Expert to increase sales and customer numbers

    + Process and Systems Consultant to help you put the right systems in place to grow

    + Management Accountant to get you financially ready to grow from where you are to where you want to be

    + Business project manager to keep you on track to grow.

    Criteria: Your business must be trading and must already be making money.

    Pitch: You will need to complete a survey and return it before the day of the pitch. Come prepared to pitch your business and the experts will give you feedback on your business and gaps to help you grow.

    Next Steps

    1. You can choose to have the Experts provide written reports of their feedback.

    2. You can choose to join the Grow Your Business in 90 Days Challenge.

    For more information, please visit or contact or call +44(0)7984616693.

  • How to invest in the stock market for the first time and make money
    19:00 -20:30

    Step by step guide to investing on the stock market

    About this Event

    “Rule No. 1: Never lose money. Rule No. 2: Never forget rule No.1” – Warren Buffett

    Have you always wanted to invest on the stock market but don’t know how to get started? This workshop is for complete beginners who want to understand what the stock market market is, how to identify risks, how to pick stocks and most importantly how to invest. In this workshop you will learn:

    • what is the stock market?
    • how do you identify which stocks to buy?
    • how do you identify risks associated with the stock market?
    • demonstrate how to invest on the stock market.
    • how to make sustainable profit and income from stock market with minimum amount of risk

    Guest Speaker: Aloysius Yongbi Fontama

    Aloysius Yongbi Fontama is an Investor, Private Tutor, Mentor and Founder of A&F Capital Advisors [Financial Education firm] and A & F Tutors. A&F Tutors is an education consulting firm aimed at adding value to people through 1-2-1 private tutoring, mentoring and coaching. It also uses education as a tool for social and economic mobility, especially those from low-socioeconomic background. A & F Capital Advisors is used as a tool to help people, especially those from low socio-economic background with the knowledge, tools and skills required to acquire financial security and freedom.

    Academic and Career Profile: After graduating from Cass Business School, City, University of London with a highly prestigious Quantitative Finance and Financial Engineering course, – MSc in Mathematical Trading and Finance, Mr Fontama spent a few years in various analyst roles as an Investment, Special Projects and Trading Floor Technical Analyst in Private Equity and Investment banking sectors. Through his experiences in Investment Banking, which included teaching and training other staffs, Mr Fontama discovered his twin passion to make a positive transformation in people’s lives and sharing knowledge to empower people. This explains why he wrote this book i.e. to empower people with the knowledge and skills required to help them in their journey to financial security and freedom.

    Currently, Mr Fontama is studying towards a PhD in Personal Finance Education. He also a Master’s degree in Education, BSc (Hons) in Chemistry and Chemical Processing Engineering, including Microsoft Certified Professional and Microsoft Systems Engineering Certifications [MCSE].

    For more information on private tutoring, mentoring, financial education, apprenticeship and career mentoring services, please visit our website or contact us at

    Workshop Requirement:

    It is advised to buy a copy of HOW TO INVEST IN THE STOCK MARKET FOR THE FIRST TIME AND MAKE MONEY: A STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE which the speaker will be teaching from. Please buy your copy here.

    For further details please contact us at or +44(0)7432472193 or +44(0)7984616693 or visit

  • Everyone Has A Killer Business Idea… Know Yours?
    18:00 -20:00

    You want to start a business, right? You have lots of ideas whirling around in your head. Which one do you start? Are you stuck trying to work out which one of your business ideas you should get off the ground?


    Then join us for How to Identify the Right Business – group coaching session. This session will help you cut through the noise and achieve clarity on the business you should be growing.

    This is a practical hand-on session that will provide you with the tools and nuggets you need to help you gain clarity and make the right business decision.

    Guest Speaker: Roy McEwen

    Geek 25%, executive 15%, marriage & relationship coach 10% and entrepreneur 50%. Roy’s business and executive career started at the tender age of 15, running his school’s tuck-shop and blossomed at 21 in the Satellite TV industry. He is a serial startup founder and is known for presenting his successful “nuggets” series. His educational background includes a MSc in IT Security, a PGDip in Law and PGDip in Business Management.

    For further details please contact us at or +44(0)7432472193 or +44(0)7984616693 or visit

    Millionaire Club Membership

    The Christian Millionaire Bookclub is a membership organisation. Events are free for our members who pay by monthly instalment via Gocardless. If you would like to become a member to take advantage of the discount, please visit our website and sign up to the Christian Millionaire Club Membership or contact us for any further information: