Start Your Own Podcast

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Have you ever wanted to know how to start your own podcast and distribute it on major platforms such as iTunes, Spotify etc for free?

If so, sign up for the ‘Start Your Own Podcast’ online course.

Course Outcome

By the end of this course you are going to know:

  • how to start your own podcast without heavily investing into equipments
  • how to post your podcast on the major podcast platforms such as Spotify or iTunes so it is available globally
  • how to create creatives for your podcast
  • how to plan in advance your episodes so it is time efficient and avoid panicking.

Meet the Course Facilitator: Orsi B. Nagy 

This course is not just theoretical but practical as well. The Course Facilitator is going to show you every software she personally use and you will leave feeling confident on how to start your podcast.

Orsi B Nagy is an entrepreneur, business coach, international speaker and founder of Mega Success Expo. As a business coach she has one goal to make businesses run more effectively, freeing up time and earn twice as much.

She is very passionate about personal branding and how we can use social media to build up our personal brands. In the last 1.5 years Orsi has spoken around the world on business conferences and prestigious university to educate not just business owners but the younger generation how they can create opportunities for themselves.

She has spoken in several countries in Europe, South Africa and USA.