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20/11/2020 18:00 - 21:00

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  • 10/12/2020 18:00 - 10/12/2020 21:00

    THEME: Time Management

    Welcome to the Christian Millionaire BookClub®. This is more than a book club.

    We are a Group of Christian entrepreneurs and our aim is to create millionaires with a purpose by circulating the wealth, knowledge and ideas.

    If your aim is to become a millionaire with purpose, why not participate in our MILLIONAIRE BOOK CLUB using one of the most widely read books on time management: 'Eat that Frog: Get More of the Important Things done', by Brian Tracy.

    Here is the link to the next book: Click here

    During this session expect to:

    - Network with like-minded individuals who want to become Millionaires so that they can be a blessing to the world

    - Learn valuable, practical principles and tips that will take you a step closer to becoming a Millionaire.

    - Find out what it takes to become a Millionaire in a Supportive and Open Minded atmosphere where you can bounce off your own ideas and share your experiences

    - Get the opportunity to pitch to take part in the life-changing 90-day challenge to put your ideas into action!

    - Receive motivation and be inspired to become financially free

    - Receive financial tips you can implement straight away

    - Be guided through and access millionaire journey and acceleration resources

    - Become part of a millionaire mastermind Team!

    Guest Speaker: Aaron T Aaron

    Aaron T Aaron is a Certified John Maxwell Coach, a Global Trainer, Teacher, Speaker and the convener of the very first virtual global summit in the Uk – entitled ‘Thriving Through Crisis Summit 2020’. This global summit platformed over 60 Speakers.

    A passionate entrepreneur who uses practical applications of proven methods, as well as his entrepreneurial experience. Aaron will help and equip aspiring business owners, with the personal skills they need for professional growth.

    Aaron has a vast level of experience delivering workshops, seminars, keynote speaking, and personal one to one coaching. He has helped produce many stories of success through coaching individuals and families, including young children – between the ages of 11-18. This has helped him prove that success and achievement is all about the mindset.

    Aaron is also a singer, songwriter and gospel artist who has released two albums and leads worship across the nations and tours regularly.

    So what are you waiting for? Join us for this life-changing event and we will help and encourage you to unleash your unique potential for greatness with like minded people! See you there.

    For more information please contact:


    Blessing: +44(0)7984616693

    or visit

    Millionaire Club Membership

    The Christian Millionaire BookClub® is a membership organisation. Events are free for our members who pay by monthly instalment via Gocardless. If you would like to become a member to take advantage of the discount, please visit our website and sign up to the Christian Millionaire Club Membership or contact us for any further information:

  • 12/01/2021 18:00 - 12/01/2021 20:00

    We would be delighted if you join us for a networking /launch event of the Christian Millionaire BookClub® Dublin Branch. As Christians we believe that with the current situation in the world we need the power of fellowship more than ever. This is a great opportunity to network, be inspired and be motivated in the areas of personal development, business and financial success and creativity.

    Join us with a glass of your favourite drink or a cuppa as we toast to your future success.

    Be prepared to be enlightened , encouraged , empowered and inspired.

    Speakers on the night are:

    (1) Roy McEwen, Non-Executive Director, Christian Millionaire BookClub®

    (2) Blessing Theophilus-Israel, CEO, Christian Millionaire BookClub®

    (3) Bukky John - Branch Leader

    ****Meet Our Speakers****

    Roy McEwen

    Geek 25%, executive 15%, marriage & relationship coach 10% and entrepreneur 50%. Roy's business and executive career started at the tender age of 15, running his school’s tuck-shop and blossomed at 21 in the Satellite TV industry. He is a serial startup founder and is known for presenting his successful "nuggets" series.

    Blessing Theophilus-Israel

    Blessing is the CEO of Christian Millionaire BookClub®, a membership organisation that is committed to creating 12,000 millionaires with a purpose. Blessing is an author of 11 books, including How to Discover Your Life's Purpose Through Dreams.

    Bukky John

    Bukky John is a Health & Wellness Coach and the founder and CEO of Life Goals Junkie. The purpose of the Life Goals is to provide holistic health coach services to women and empower them so they can achieve their fullest potentials. Life Goals Junkie aim to educate and empower women, so they become experts in their own health and wellbeing.

    Bukky works with women to:

    • Empower them to believe in themselves,
    • Guide them to take control of their lives through positive thinking and mindset coaching, share with them healthy eating programs, and active problem-solving so they can live enriched lives.
    • Eliminate reliance on traditional medical model (the management of symptoms and not treating the root cause) and instead find for them the best solution for clients in a holistic way.
    • Instill confidence and self-belief in themselves.
    • Connect them with their purpose in a way that considers all of who they are, using a values-based approach that is in alignment with the person’s needs and sustainable over a long period of time.

    She is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York. She holds a diploma in Coaching for Performance and CNM Certificate in Nutrition for Everyday Living. She is a Registered Mental Health Nurse and has a master’s degree in Entrepreneurship.


    For more information please contact Bukky +353 (83)0332832 or Blessing +44(0)7984616693 or email or visit