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2021-01-28 18:00 - 20:00

Learn how to do business God's WAY.

Doing buiness is an activity given and blessed by God. Creating wealth is a God blessed activity. Unfortunately we have been distracted into the 'making money' culture...that can take a serious toll on our mental health, physical health and relationships.

The biblical principles of doing business are timeless.

These principles are the foundations for doing business God’s way.

Doing business God's way improves your mental health, physical health and fills your relationships with pure love... you need to experience this.

When you learn the beauty of doing business God's way, and enjoying the wealth you create; you will never go back... guaranteed!!!

Here are a selection of reviews from the members on how they found just one session:

My key highlight from the Mastermind is the target customer and hearing from him from a Christian perspective. He is teaching us about money mindset. His examples of tithing was phenomenal. I get paid tomorrow and I will follow what he says. He is teaching us about money mindset. Bolanle Akinbolu

He is coming from a Godly perspective and teaching us the basis of establishing the Godly foundation for building Kingdom wealth. He is doing it God’s way we cannot fail. He made becoming a millionaires seem within our reach. Donna Sherwood

Without a good foundation how are we going to grow ? That is exactly what Roy is providing for us, and I appreciated his teaching on biblical principles and taking us right back to basics. Only way is up! Reminder to pray for key suppliers, customers and government. Carol Williams

The fact that he reminded that if we follow these Godly principles we will not only be millionaires but trillionaires. Mind blowing! Blessing Theophilus-Israel

This powerful course is facilitated by Roy McEwen, the Non-Executive Director for the Christian Millionaire Book Club.



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    CMBC Raising Up Leaders

    We at CMBC believe that leaders are born and nurtured.  We will be starting a leadership training programme for our members to help develop your leadership skills and take your confidence to another level.

    Join the CMBC Leadership Fastrack and become a Branch Leader:

    • Leadership Training
    • Public Speaking Training
    • Become a more confident public speaker
    • Have an opportunity to become an Interim CMBC branch leader
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    This will be a 10 week training programme with a Graduation Ceremony. You will also qualify for the Leadership Achievement Award with the possibility of winning an all paid inclusive conference for two to an international destination of your choice.

    Cost: Absolutely FREE

    This bi-weekly training starts on Wednesday 27 January at 6pm online (Zoom).

    To Apply: Contact Your Branch Leader or call Blessing 07984616693.

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