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Welcome to the Christian Millionaire BookClub®. This is more than just a book club.We are a Group of Christian entrepreneurs and our aim is to create 12,000 millionaires with a purpose by circulating wealth, knowledge and innovation.If your aim is to become a knowledge and wealth distributor, why not join us at our monthly MILLIONAIRE BOOK CLUB.Our theme for June is Branding reviewing the book: I Am My Brand: How to Build Your Brand Without Apology By Kubi Springer

During this session expect to:

Network with entrepreneurial-minded individuals with philanthropist aims

Be mentored and coached to acquire a millionaire mindset

Gain revelatory insight and knowledge, and practical principles and tips that will accelerate your financial journey

Receive support and education to achieve your financial and business goals

Develop, launch and grow your product, service, innovation and inventions

Receive financial planning education to become debt-free

Receive financial empowerment, insight and education

Become part of a millionaire mastermind acceleration Team!

Michael GreavesCMBC Dublin Bookclub