CMBC Mastermind

Six entrepreneurs joined the CMBC Wealth Mindset Mastermind back in February 2020. It meets once a month to review the principles of doing business and to lay the foundation for doing business the biblical way.

It is facilitated by Roy McEwen, the Non-Executive Director for the Christian Millionaire Book Club.

May Session

Here are their take-ways from the May session which took place on Thursday 21 May.

Take aways.

1. When I am diligent to invest the time and energy to count the cost and specifically to have an accurate knowledge of my annual expenses, it will help me to live in peace and calmness like Jesus even though He was in a storm.

2. My default setting must be one of calm, no need to panic there is a plan in place and I know the Prince of Peace.

3. I must influence my environments with calm.

4. As my mindset changes my life changes.

5. Seek God and His righteousness and He will guide my path to please Him!

6. My mindset is connected to my millions!

7. I am working for my grandchildren i.e. building generational wealth.

Donna Sherwood

It was another great session and many takeaways learned, but I can only give 1.


The illustration of Jesus and Peter in the boat during the storm. 

While in the storm, Peter let his external circumstances panic him, but Jesus was sleeping in the storm, not worrying about anything and his internal surroundings was still. Therefore we should not worry about anything that we plan for in future according to Luke 14:18-31 but If we focus our mind to think on  Proverbs 13:22 then we will be ok.

Carol Williams

Rethinking about legacy; the focus is on providing for children’s children.

Keeping calm in a storm like Jesus. Cultivating the internal life is key,

Victoria Labeodan

Today I learned that I must do my monthly budget with my future generation in mind, In other words, I should have a surplus at the end of each month to save for my children’s children. This is a new way of thinking for me. Thanks for teaching us this lesson Roy.

Blessing Theophilus-Israel

April Session

Here are their take-ways from the April session which took place on Thursday 23 April.

It’s always a pleasure to listen to Roy McEwen, he offers so much value from from a biblical perspective and practically. In this months session the key things I took away were:

1.To develop my customer persona with the lens of ‘being my brothers keeper’ (Genesis 4:9)

2. I was left pondering on the question he asked – If money wasn’t an object, what will you do to serve others?

Bolanle Akinbolu

1. I must Be my brothers keeper first and foremost. GEN 4:9

2. I now know exactly what a buyer persona is.

3. How to identify the pain points in relation to my busines.

4. God’s economy is different from what the world says.

5. I must fall in love with my work, and my clients.

Carol Williams

My take aways are as follows: 1. We must truly love our customers first and foremost. 2. Love and serve them then money follows. Seeing being my brothers keeper  in light of business was very insightful and interesting.   3. I understood it that everyone has a Goliath to slay ie fears which is what often prevent people from achieving their purpose 4. I should not be doing everything for myself, I must use my talents to be my brothers keeper. 5. There is Flesh-based Christian versus Spirit-based Christian. Oh that I will be the latter. 6. Personal reflection… What God given me for the market place & if money was not an object, what would I do?

Donna Sherwood

My key takeaways are:

1. Being my brother’s keeper and applying that to my customer. What do they want

2. Focus on the driver for purchasing

3. In God’s economy we all look after each other. We have a skill that we sell to each other

4. Care about your customer’s problem and you will make more money

Victoria Labeodan

The customer persona exercise Roy gave us has been a game-changer for me. I always assumed I knew who my ideal client was however, through this exercise I was able to interview twelve of our existing customers and understand their frustrations and goals. This will now help me to offer products and services that meets their needs and to be my brother’s keeper. There is nothing like being mentored by a millionaire who has already walked the journey. Thanks again Roy. The Lord richly bless you.

Blessing Theophilus-Israel

March Session

Here are a selection of reviews from the members on how they found the March session:

My key highlight from the Mastermind is the target customer and hearing from him from a Christian perspective. He is teaching us about money mindset. His examples of tithing was phenomenal. I get paid tomorrow and I will follow what he says. He is teaching us about money mindset.

Bolanle Akinbolu

He is coming from a Godly perspective and teaching us the basis of establishing the Godly foundation for building Kingdom wealth. He is doing it God’s way we cannot fail. He made becoming a millionaires seem within our reach.

Donna Sherwood

Without a good foundation how are we going to grow ? That is exactly what Roy is providing for us, and I appreciated his teaching on biblical principles and taking us right back to basics. Only way is up! Reminder to pray for key suppliers, customers and government.

Carol Williams

The fact that he reminded that if we follow these godly principles we will not only be millionaires but trillionaires. Mind blowing!

Blessing Theophilus-Israel

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