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Tola Ayeni, Leadership and Financial Coach

Tola Ayeni is an Executive Director with the John Maxwell Team. A transformation coach, speaker & trainer with a passion for leadership and financial independence to bring about growth and development. She utilises various tools including behavioural analysis, coaching and training skills. She is passionate about women, leadership and lifestyle.

A member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria, Institute of Money Advisers (UK), The Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs (UK). Her experience covers over 30 years in financial services in various roles including auditing, banking, financial advisory, money advice, compliance, and training. She is on the board of several companies in various sectors including agriculture, consultancy, real estate & social enterprise. She is a mum and lives with her daughter in Cambridgeshire.

Lola Owolabi, Leadership, Business, Transformational / Spiritual Life Coach

Lola Owolabi

Lola Owolabi, FRSA, FinstLM , MA, is an award-winning leadership/transformational coach. She also holds a masters degree in coaching. She has inspired, motivated, coached and mentored women and girls from various backgrounds via her organisations, Proudtobeme, Ebony Business Network and Women of Destiny. She is passionate about women, creativity and entrepreneurship and is very keen to see women fulfil their potential and unlock all their latent ability. She has a deep understanding of how low self-esteem and self-doubt can hinder women, and thus, her organisations focus on the boosting of self-esteem /well being ,as well as the boosting of confidence levels. Her organisations also assist with business planning and business coaching. An avid networker she is involved with many female led initiatives including the Pink Shoe Club Economic Blueprint and GWIIN( Global Women Inventors and Innovators network ). Lola firmly believes in personal development; this has led her to organise many ‘spa coaching’ weekends revolving around the motto ‘Relax, Retreat and Refocus’. Lola has taken groups of up to thirty women on her spa weekends/holidays.

Furthermore, these weekends are not confined to the boundaries of the United Kingdom – destinations such as Morocco , Thailand and Greece are on the list of countries that her groups have visited. Lola is also a champion for her local community serving in the Thames Valley region as a magistrate , councillor , and school governor.

As a creative individual she has written and co-produced two albums as well as penning three books. She is also the Creative Director and Founder of the Wearable Arts Collective. As a motivational/Inspirational speaker of the highest quality, Lola has galvanized many across the world with her incredible zest for life and the opportunities that it brings. The simplicity of Lola’s maxim matches its uniqueness – ‘If she can, so can you’.

Richard Teideman, Business Coach

Richard Teideman

Richard Teideman is a serial entrepreneur who has had 6 businesses in the areas of technology and media. His first company, an advertising agency was started in 1998 and became one of the leading digital agencies in the UK. He has also built two successful media buying companies a TV production company and most recently was on the board of a mobile app company which floated on the London Stock Exchange in 2017. He is the winner of a number of international industry awards including being elected to the grand jury of the New York Festivals. He has made over 100 TV commercials, over 200 websites and launched 42 major motion pictures. He has also enjoyed a long career as a professional voice over.

Aaron T Aaron, Mindset Coach

Aaron T Aaron

Aaron T Aaron is a UK based,John Maxwell Certified! Independent! Transformation and Mindset Coach !Speaker! Trainer! Mentor and DISC Behavioral Analysis Trainer.

He is also a Gospel Artiste ! Worship Leader!Singer Songwriter ! with 2 Album projects to his credit.

Orsi Nagy, Business Coach

Orsi Nagy

Orsi B Nagy entrepreneur, business coach, international speaker and founder of Mega Success Expo. As a business coach she has one goal to make businesses run more effectively, freeing up time and earn twice as much. She is very passionate about personal branding and how we can use social media to build up our personal brands. The last 1.5 years Orsi has spoken around the world on business conferences and prestigious university to educate not just business owners but the younger generation how they can create opportunities for themselves. She has spoken in several countries in Europe, South Africa and USA.

Vivienne O’Keffe, Business Consultant

Vivienne O’Keffe

Vivienne O’Keeffe CEO of V Vortex Holdings Ltd is a management consultant with over 25 years’ experience in different sectors of business. Prior to cofounding VVH, Vivienne worked with other London based management consultancies, giving her indisputable experience in all aspects of corporate business. She partners with corporations and SMEs to create real value and impact with the balance of strategy and aesthetics.

She had a successful career for Mivard Group of companies for over 12 years. She wanted to upskill and decided to return to education, qualifying in Finance and Business Management from The Irish Management Institute.

Roy McEwen, Business Consultant

Roy McEwen

Geek 25%, executive 15%, marriage & relationship coach 10% and entrepreneur 50%. Roy’s business and executive career started at the tender age of 15, running his school’s tuck-shop and blossomed at 21 in the Satellite TV industry. He is a serial startup founder and is known for presenting his successful “nuggets” series. His educational background includes a MSc in IT Security, a PGDip in Law and PGDip in Business Management.

John Hartnett, Business Consultant

John Hartnett

John Hartnett, Chief Operations Officer and co-founder of V Vortex Holdings Ltd, applies expert knowledge, industry experience, and relentless energy to solving your company’s issues. John began his career in management in his early 20’s in the agriculture sector. John moved on to banking and spent over a decade in one of Ireland’s top tier banking institutions, Allied Irish Bank.

Today, John specialises in working with SMEs and entrepreneurs in various sectors. Helping them achieve wealth through the activation and reactivation of their own abilities with experienced based, mindset mentoring. The years of invaluable learning that John has lived through gives him insight into the complexities of doing business.

Linda Muyobo, Performance / Transformational Coach

Linda Muyobo

Linda Muyobo is a Certified John Maxwell Coach, Speaker, and Trainer. She is the Host of the The Linda Muyobo Show -Host, TV Presenter, and MC (Master of Ceremonies). Linda is a dynamic passionate speaker whose main purpose in life is to see people’s lives transformed regardless of past hurts.

Linda is a speaker who uses herself as an example that if you are focused, surround yourself with like-minded individuals, open to learning, remain accountable and take 100% responsibility for your life, then you are on the way to live the life that you so desire. Achieve those goals and ultimately see your dreams come to fruition.

Detola Amure, Productivity & Tranformational Coach

Detola Amure

Detola is a Productivity &Transformational Coach in her business, Super Working Mum, a global organisation that aims to help overwhelmed Working Mothers maximise their time so that they can manifest their God given dreams. Over the past 7 years, Detola has coached and mentored hundreds of working women on confidence building, time management, productivity, stress management, starting a business and running a business alongside a career. She also runs return to work workshops for women returning to work after a long career break, Maternity leave or women who simply want to transition from one career into another. She facilitates a popular annual goal-setting retreat to help Christian women with strategic planning. Detola is qualified as a Stress Relief Coach.  She has written three books, which have all been Amazon best sellers in their year of publishing. She is sn International Speaker.

Alexander Pemberton, Business Start-Up Coach

Alexander Pemberton

Alexander Pemberton is the Founder of Launch 7, a unique and exciting accelerator for pre-start-up and start-ups. He believes that everyone should use their talent/gift and have an action plan of how they will take their lives to the next level. His mission is to encourage, inspire and motivate by sharing experiences and helping others think positively about their future. Alexander has been an entrepreneur for 10 years and has been working with start-ups and small businesses for over 5 years. He worked at 2 of the largest market research firms in the UK before moving on to start a few businesses, including Tecric a domain registration and website hosting company and Socios Media a video production and photography.

Sarah Antalika, Performance Coach

Sarah Antalika

Sarah Antalika is a personal performance coach. She is currently involved in providing support in three areas of work: Coaching young people, Women Empowerment and last year she has also launched a Charity in Mauritius for vulnerable Children and Single mums living in poverty.

Bolanle Akinbola, Transformational Coach and Project Management Consultant

Bolanle Akinbola

Bolanle is a transformational Coach, Mentor, Trainer, Speaker and Project Management Consultant.

She has a wealth of experience in Project Management and has worked for a variety of global organisations.

She is the Founder of PM Success Coach, an organisation which helps educate and empower people who desire to pursue a career in project management. With a substantial number of years experience in this area, she has become an expert. She is an Award Winning Mentor and has successfully trained and mentored over 500 clients, including Senior Leaders and Executives.

She is passionate about helping people bring their vision to life, achieve their development goals and unlock their true potential.

Bolanle lives in the UK and is happily married with three children.

Orleans Duncan, Government Procurement Coach

Orleans Duncan

As a Business Support Advisor Orleans has over 25 years experience in business management and running a multi-million pound businesses. Orleans came from a corporate background within the senior management team for Cable and Wireless before starting successful group of companies internationally within the education and real estate sector. Now Orleans imparts his expertise on behalf of the Federation of small businesses who are the largest business support group in the UK to drive them towards success.

Oyinlola Bukky Akande, Spiritual Life Coach

Oyinlola Bukky Akande

Oyinlola Bukky Akande is a Super achiever, Life coach, Speaker, Publisher and an Event CoordinatorIn addition, OBA has also Authored  books titled of ‘Diary of the Unique Woman Book’ & The Life Wires’ Coupon OBA has also  Co – Authored two books titled ‘Unique Insights & Unique Foresights’ She is the Founder and President of *Unique Women International and runs a mentorship group called *Unique Legacy*She is a woman with a great high level of experience and interpersonal skills with 25 years’ experience in retail and customer serviceShe is the Co-founder of a popular bookshop called Shalom Bookstore.

Timea Kadar, Marketing Consultant

Timea Kadar

Timea loves marketing and loves teaching it to business owners. Her view is that marketing is about solving the problem of our audience. As the head of marketing at household global companies, she created successful marketing strategies and has done hundreds of successful marketing campaigns, in the past 19 years.

Currently, she is the Cheif Marketing Consultant at Francis Cooper, she plans marketing strategies for companies who want to attract more clients without pushy sales techniques.

Timea founded Marketing Club London to teach business owners to do marketing themselves.

Timea’s company won the Best Business Marketing Consultancy 2019 Award in the Content Creators Awards based on their campaigns.

Blessing Theophilus-Israel, Spiritual Life Coach

Blessing Theophilus-Israel

Blessing is a Spiritual Life Coach, Teacher and Author, who is passionate about purpose and desires to see everyone fulfil their purpose and reach their full spiritual and financial potential. Blessing is the Author of How to Discover Your Life’s Purpose Through Dreams and Prayer Book for Your Business.

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