About Us

Our Vision

The Christian Millionaire BookClub® is committed to creating 12,000 millionaires with a purpose all around the world so that they can be a blessing to the world. What drives us is the desire to create more millionaires for:

  • The preaching of the Gospel
  • The financing of the end-time harvest
  • Blessing those who are under-privileged in our societies

The mission of CMBC

  • Help our members to discover their purpose
  • Help our members to gain financial independence (make money using their natural talent, save the money and invest the money)
  • Assist our members to become millionaires with a purpose!


In everything we do we believe we should keep God first, family second and business third.


We currently have five branches and our vision is to expand into every continent on earth. Each branch meets once a month and review a book, listen and engage with Guest Speakers who have achieved success in their respective field . Our members are given opportunities to engage in our Acceleration Coaching Prorammes and 90 Days Challenges to launch, grow, scale their businesses to the £1 million mark and beyond.

Our Story

The desire to become millionaires began when in 2014 Blessing Theophilus-Israel, our founder, had a dream that she had made £6.5million. In August 2016 we ran a Millionaire Workshop which brought together a group of people who wanted to become Millionaires. What we thought would be a three-hour session ended up taking place over four weeks and at the end of the four weeks it was decided by the members to form a Millionaire Book club that would meet on a monthly basis to review books to transform our minds through knowledge and ideas.

Meet the Team

We are blessed to have amazing people who work within this business. We  behave with utmost respect towards each other and all our members. Above all, treating others with the same level of love and compassion as we would want to be treated.

Blessing Theophilus-Israel

Managing Director / Central London Branch Leader

Roy McEwen

Non-Executive Director

Linda Muyobo

Croydon Branch Leader

Victoria Oluwabless

Elephant & Castle Branch Leader

Bolanle Akinbolu

Project Manager

Carol Williams

South East Branch Leader

Sarah Antalika

Harrow Book Club Branch Leader

Michael Lartey-Maurer, aka CEO MoneyMike

Kingdom Financial Educator

Annette Galloway

Money Empowerment Coach

Kemi Taylor

Online Branch Leader

Pastor Lola Owolabi

Thames Valley Branch Leader

Thea O’Brien

Sales Assistant

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