Launch Your Business in 90 Days

  • Have you got a business idea you want to launch?
  • Do you lack the support, influential networks and the team to be able to bring your business idea into reality?
  • Do you lack the technical knowledge of how to get your business started or move to the next level?
  • Do you work full-time and lack the time to work on your business and often feel tired at the end of the day?

Then why don’t you register for our new and improved 90 Days Challenge starting on 1 July 2020 where we will help you to launch your business in 90 days.

What do you need?

Guidance to Launch Business

Support to Launch your Business

The new and improved 90 Day Challenge is all about harnessing a culture of pace and urgency to arrive at your goals faster.


Annette Galloway, Saver to Investor

“I launched my business Saver to Investor in November 2018. The CMBC played a significant part in me being able to launch the business and gain the traction that I have gained so far. The members of the CMBC came out to support my first initial event. They have also attended paid workshops that have also benefitted them and allowed them to manage money better. It has felt like a win, win relationship. Often, we have ideas and it’s difficult to move beyond our initial ideas, take action and then remain consistent with the idea. This dilemma is solved through the 90-day challenge at the CMBC. The 90-day challenge which is a feature of the CMBC, encourages you to develop your business idea over 90 days. This really helped me to develop my business idea and allowed me to grow in confidence, in terms of putting my idea out to several people and then going on to implementing the idea. If it hadn’t been for the CMBC I would not have come along as far as I have. I am grateful that it exists and appreciative that it has been the support that I needed it to be when I need it the most.

Coach Mary, Be Still and Know Ltd

“It’s finally here, a day that seemed so far away. I can’t believe that 90-days have gone by!! When I started I was not exactly sure where to begin, or how to begin and now… well my 90-day challenge was to move from being Self-employed to Business Owner and to empower and encourage 1000 young people to let their light shine through my business. Thank you so much for this 90-day Challenge CMBC, for everyone’s encouragements along the way. It was truly a great challenge for me and glad I took part in it.