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Book Club Awards

Welcome to our first Christian Millionaire Book Club Awards. We acknowledge and celebrate the desire to improve one’s prospects financially in our awards on offer.

Please find below the award categories that are up for nominations at our 2019 awards ceremony. Please state which award you would like to be entered and let us know in no more then 200 words why you think you should win that award. Please contact us at to request your nomination form.

Award categories

  1. Most Committed
  2. Top Leader Award
  3. Visionary and Creative Award
  4. Most Inspirational Award
  5. Best Entrepreneur Award
  6. Most Resilient Award
  7. Top Innovator Award
  8. Living a Purposeful Life


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About Us

We are a Group of Christian Entrepreneurs and our aim is to create millionaires with a purpose by circulating the wealth, knowledge and ideas.


The Christian Millionaire is committed to creating 12,000 millionaires with a purpose all around the world so that they can be a blessing to the world.


The mission of the Christian Millionaire Club:

  1. Help our members to discover their purpose
  2. Help our members to gain financial independence (make money using their natural talent, save the money and invest the money)
  3. Assist our members to become millionaires with a purpose!


We will do all the above whilst maintaining our values of compassion, being courageous, honesty, prayerful and God-fearing.

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